AEM 12 Position Trim Knob

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The Universal 12 Position Trim Pot is for use on virutally any Engine Management System. Use the Trim Pot to adjust a number of trims, including ignition timing, fuel, boost, etc. knobs has detents that allows easy no-look adjustment and ensures repeatable results with each adjustment.

The Universal 12 Position Trim Pot includes: 12 Position Trim Pot with Flying Lead, 2 Brushed Silver Trim Position Decals with ranges from -5 to +6 and 0 to +11, Blue/Red/Black AEM Logo Knob Decals & Blue/Red/Black Colored Knob Decals. All AEM 12 Position Trim Pots include a flying lead with a weatherproof overmold and 12 inch insulated wires that are color coded in black, white and red.