Throttle Position Sensor

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Contactless Motorsport grade TPS sensor.  Can be used in clockwise and counter-clockwise applications.

A Haltech Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is a device that tells the ECU how far open or closed the throttle butterfly is, and how quickly the throttle is opening or closing. The Haltech TPS connects to the throttle shaft via an 8mm D shaft keyway. The TPS is particularly useful for determining additional fuel enrichment as the throttle is opened quickly (throttle pump), it is also very important in performance applications where Nitrous Oxide is being injected into the engine. A TPS can also be used to help improve fuel economy and engine efficiency as the engine decelerates. The Haltech TPS is made to above OEM specifications and uses a weatherproof 3 pin wiring connector.

Deutsch DTM plug and pin set included with sensor.