Haltech HPI Ignition Modules

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The Haltech High Power Igniter is capable of driving up to 15 Amps per channel, allowing ignition coils to reach their maximum coil energy. Available in 4, 6 & 8 channel packages, the HPI is an ideal upgrade for any transistor ignition system.When used in conjunction with a Haltech Platinum ECU, the HPI provides the perfect ignition system for any high performance engine.


  • HPI4 = 4 x Ignition Outputs
  • HPI6 = 6 x Ignition Outputs
  • HPI8 = 8 x Ignition Outputs

Power Requirements:

  • Source: 8.6 to 16.5 Volts DC

Physical Dimensions:

  • Length: 55mm
  • Width: 104mm
  • Height: 40mm Weight:
  • ECU: 285g (0.62 lb)
  • Optional Harness: 395g (0.87lb)


  • Base price is for module only
  • Select a connector plug and pin set to build your own harness
  • Select a 2 meter flying lead loom to receive a pre-built harness with connector installed