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Haltech NTK CAN WBO2

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New CAN Wideband Controllers are here!
Smaller, lighter and water-resistant! The new Haltech Wideband Controller can now be safely fitted inside your engine bay but that’s not all...
Two integrated DTM-4 connectors make daisy-chaining multiple controllers easier than ever. You no longer need to buy specific A, B, C or D units, the new Haltech Wideband Controllers are user programmable letting you assign the controller designation via the ESP software.
The kits also include NTK sensors.
Both single and dual channel Wideband Controllers come integrated with generous length (1200mm/4 foot), pre-terminated sensor connection cables and are back compatible with the Platinum Series ECUs. And the best thing is - the price remains the same! That's right, the new Wideband Controller Kits will remain at the same competitive prices as their predecessors.


The Haltech CAN wideband O2 sensor kit includes everything you need for plug and play operation when used with a Haltech Elite ECU. Simply connect the CAN-bus cable between the WBO2 controller and the ECU, and connect the sensor(s), and you're installation is complete. These controllers can also be used with non-Haltech or non-CAN-bus equipped ECUs when used with the included power harness that can be connected to switched 12V and also allows for an analog 0-5V output.

Basic controller kit allows connection to the ECU for logging and closed-loop O2 control. A gauge should be added to the kit if you need an external display. If you're pairing the controller with a display dash, a display gauge would not be needed.

Single sensor kits include controller, harness, and one (1) NTK sensor. Dual kits include controller, harness, and two (2) NTK sensors.